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30-August-2002 19:45 BST
New site layout. The site is themed with updated PHP code and images from GUIstuff

31-March-2002 23:30 BST
Added a new hosted site,, to hold useful network related information. The first document is a how-to for getting 6to4 IPv6 working under FreeBSD.

3-March-2002 23:10 GMT
Completed conversion of to new PHP site format (hosted site a.k.a.

12-February-2002 00:30 GMT
Rewrite core PHP page layout code to use CSS (cascading style sheets) instead of HTML tags. Code should now be more flexible as I roll it out to the other hosted sites.

11-February-2002 14:30 GMT
Completely rewritten home page now using PHP. Expect more updates to follow.